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Rogers Update 3/27/2018
March 28, 2018
Dear Friends,
I am sitting at a desk in an apartment in Fairbanks, Alaska.  This warm, cozy basement apartment belongs to one of the two churches where I am speaking in Fairbanks, Alaska.  The other church has also provided a nice basement apartment as well.  In fact the whole time I am here in Alaska, I will have a private man cave to dwell in!  In addition to Fairbanks, I will be speaking in a church located in North Pole, Alaska.  Just for the record, I haven’t seen any reindeer pulling sleds.  (However, I know where a dog team can be located!)
Last year I was here about the same time of the year.  The weather then was very cold and snowing on some of the days.  I expected the same this year.  In fact I had shared with several people how I was going to “suffer for Jesus” in the frozen North Country!  Since I have arrived in Alaska, the temperature has been around 30 degrees above zero and very little snow.  The sun has been shining bright almost everyday.  I find it interesting that we anticipate and plan on the basis of what we think is going to happen!  So often, God has different plans than ours.  It may yet turn cold and snow before I leave, but I am grateful for this wonderful gift of sunshine and warmth that the Lord has granted me – and yes, to my many friends I have up here in “the frozen north”!
Speaking of friends, this has been a great trip visiting with the people I have come to know and love up here in Alaska.  In addition to all the special ones I know from the past, I have had the opportunity to meet new people.  I am amazed at the many ways God works in different lives.  Think about it – God is involved in the lives of all those who know Him all around the world and does not get confused.
In addition to experiencing great relationship opportunities, I have been very busy teaching and preaching.  During the three weeks I am here, I will be speaking in 19 sessions at three churches.  Pray for me that God will give me the energy and joy to serve Him well during these days.  Over and over God reminds me that I am nothing without Him, and yet with God, all things are truly possible.  The words, “It is not about me, it is about Christ” continually comes to my mind.
I am about halfway through this trip and I am missing Beabea big time!  She is home working her caregiver ministry.  (It has truly become that.)  Beabea has been working overtime hours for quite awhile now.  The company she works for really like her, and so do the ones she is helping.  Other workers will sometimes cancel or not even show up, and apparently, Beabea is the first one the company calls to replace them.  (Beabea is allowed to talk about the Lord if the one she is helping brings up the subject of God, and God is pretty good at making that happen!)
My schedule for 2018 is filling up already.  I am in Alaska right now.  I will be in Utah 3 separate times.  I will be speaking in Arizona and California as well as Indiana.  In addition to all of that, BEM, my mission organization, will be hosting a “Small Church” conference in Kokomo, Indiana, the first part of November.  I am very excited about this because most church growth conferences are done from the mega-church approach.  The situations in small churches are so different.  It is important that we understand God’s heart for the small churches and those who pastor them.
With all these plans, I am looking forward to a year of experiencing the surprises God has for me!  I am certain it will not be what I expect, but I know it will be done out of the goodness of our Lord’s heart!
Serving with joy and expectancy,


John (and Beabea) Rogers


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