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Rogers Update 3/29/24
April 2, 2024
Dear Friends,

April has two very important dates to remember in your prayers.  The obvious one is the BEM Small Church Conference on April 27th.  I tried to give a "few hints" so I'm guessing you figured that one out right away.  I'll talk about the conference in a moment.

First, let's discuss the other important date.  That date is April 1st.  No fooling!  I'm not joking!  April 1st is when I will be given the second injection into my spinal column for pain in, let me see, my back, shoulder, arms, legs, and neck.  Did I leave anything out?  The MRI shows a collapsed disk right next to my heart area, so the doctors want to avoid surgery.  (If they did surgery, they would have to come in through the chest and work very close to the heart.)

This collapsed disk has been the main culprit in my health issues (along with a recurring infection that apparently started in my spinal column).  There are two areas, involving the collapsed disk, that are causing pain directly as well as other problems.

The first is the crushed nerve that passes through the collapsed disk; but a second more serious problem is the vertebrae, itself. It has shifted and is putting pressure on the main nerve running up and down the back.  This has caused severe irritation and inflammation along with actual pressure on the nerve.  The injections are for the inflammation.

The first injection did not last very long and had some side effects.  The surgeon is going to try one more injection on April 1st.  If that goes well and gives some relief for a longer period, he will do the third injection later.  If it does not go well (doesn't help or has negative side effects), He will not do the third injection.  Again, surgery is out of the question because the injury is near my heart.  Pray for me.  I am not sure what will happen, but if you pray to the Lord who knows what should happen, I will be greatly encouraged!

Remember to pray for Beabea who takes care of me, takes care of grandkids, helps with their homeschooling, and countless other things.  She never runs out of things to do!

Continue to pray for opportunities to witness to doctors and nurses.  I am always amazed at the openings that God gives.  Also, pray for several counseling situations I am involved with through phone, skype, and zoom.

I will be buying tickets next week for the BEM Utah conference.  Beabea and I plan to fly out for that weekend.  I would love to stay longer, but the doctors have cautioned me about making a long trip at this time.  The third injection needs to happen around the first of May.  Pray for wisdom.

Now, let's discuss the BEM Utah conference.  I really want to encourage you to come to this particular conference.  It is designed for more interactive discussion with extra breakout sessions.  This will give the leadership and people of Utah churches an opportunity to share with each other what the Lord has been teaching them.  I am looking forward to learning as well as teaching!
We invite the whole church family to come! Teens and Children will have their own services and fun activities.  As always, there is no charge for this conference. Snacks and meals will be provided.  Free books and materials will be given to each family.  A love offering will be taken to help with cost if a person is able to give, but don't let finances keep you from coming.
Register for the Conference at:   BEM Small Church Conference Registration
BEM’s Technology Missionary will be present to consult regarding your technology needs!  Bring your laptops for a “tune-up” or repair.  Philip will be available all day to assist you!

See you in April!
John (and Beabea)

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