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Keller's Update 6/12/2023
June 12, 2023
Jeanne and I have the privilege of sharing in Barnabas Enrichment Ministries’ Small Church Pastor’s Conference in Milan, Michigan, September 22nd and 23rd.  The theme of the Conference is “The Joy of Small Church Ministry”. There is no charge for this Conference and it is planned for the entire family as we recognize that ministry is a team effort. 
In addition to general sessions there are several workshops throughout the day.  Jeanne will be involved with two:  The first one is a team effort presented by Kelly, Sandy and Jeanne for the ladies attending the Conference entitled “A Cup of Tea”.  The second one is for Pastor’s Wives, entitled “The Heart of a Pastor’s Wife in a Small Church” (Marilou and Jeanne).  I will be presenting a workshop for Pastors entitled “The Heart of a Pastor in a Small Church”.
We are preparing for this ministry with great excitement, recognizing the value of having input into leaders’ lives that can impact ministry in the hearts of their people for years to come.  Therefore, we covet your prayers.  We recognize God must be leading, energizing and implanting His Word, the Scriptures shared, for it to be an encouraging conference.
I’ve had the joy of preaching the last two Sundays at Bethel Baptist in Topeka. We have completed another year serving with Bethel’s Awana Ministry.  I had the privilege of giving each Awana Jr. & Sr. High Student Lee Strobel’s book ‘The Case for Faith’.  Jeanne was invited to serve on Bethel’s Mission Team and is thoroughly enjoying it.
God has given me numerous opportunities to share my faith at my part time job.  Pray that as I share some will listen and ask more questions.
When opportunities come our way to serve with BEM, we need God’s direction to determine His will in serving.  Keep on praying for us as God brings us to your attention.

Jim & Jeanne Keller