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Hewitt Update 04/18/2023
April 18, 2023

Greetings from Ypsilanti, Michigan! 

Question…  Has God ever changed your direction?  Have you ever experienced a circumstance where you had big plans for an event or ministry, you truly believed that God was directing those plans, yet, at some point, well into planning, all was changed … cancelled?  If so, I’m sure you must have felt frustration at perhaps not knowing why, perhaps even questioning God’s purpose in it all.  I have to say that was our personal frustration, confusion and disappointment when, after several weeks of communicating with a church regarding their need for help during the summer months (and putting it tentatively on our schedule), we were informed that the church had decided to utilize someone else’s help.  Hmmm  

But God …  As we were quietly shaking our head, a bit frustrated and wondering how God might use us through the BEM ministry this summer, we received a call regarding a small church in Oklahoma. Their pastor will be leaving in mid-June. The church would truly desire our help in filling in the gap, preaching, teaching, shepherding and helping the congregation to rally after his leaving. They also desire our help formulating a plan for finding their new pastor.  Ironically, the dates are the same as what we had previously planned on for the other church!  The dates are now set.  They have reserved our housing.  And, communication is flying back and forth between Tim and the present pastor.  God’s sovereignty and planning in these changes is so clear, a good reason to always “Keep Calm, Trust and Carry On!” We’re excited to see how God will allow us to encourage this body of believers in Oklahoma!

We are reminded once again that God has the better plan: "For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways," says the LORD. "For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways, And My thoughts than your thoughts.”      Isaiah 55:8,9

Other opportunities with BEM include Tim teaching a 13 week Sunday School module at our church, Milan Baptist Church, as well as him speaking this coming weekend at a men’s retreat for our son’s church in the Elkhart.  In addition, BEM will be hosting another Small Church Enrichment Conference in Michigan at Milan Baptist Church this September.

It has been a true blessing to experience the generosity and encouragement of God’s people through our sending church in central Indiana and our present church in Michigan, along with several individuals. As our mission has hosted Small Church Enrichment Conferences in several locations, we found that travel expenses resulted in our personal BEM expense account nearly running dry.  But God, (don’t you just love that?), as always, provided in a wonderful way! Our present church chose to support us monthly, which will help cover these expenses.  The interest shown and offers of help from those we fellowship with weekly has been a true encouragement and energizer for us!!! 

To each of you reading this letter, THANK YOU for your prayers, words of encouragement and gifts.   We covet your continued prayers as we pursue the ministry opportunities God designs for us.


Thankful to be serving,
Tim & Sandy Hewitt