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Hewitt Update 2/11/2023
February 11, 2023
Greetings from Michigan!

As I begin this “catch-up” letter, I first want to say Thank You all for your commitment to BEM, your love, friendship and prayers.  From the inception of BEM 14 years ago, God has blessed us with quality Board Members who were committed to our ministry, loved the Lord, loved us, trusted us and were willing to share their wisdom, time and resources in order to further this ministry. 

As a reminder, from 2008 through 2011, we were blessed to serve pastors and churches in Canada and Utah.  When, very unexpectedly, God presented an opportunity (through BEM) to serve a hurting church in Indiana on a full-time basis, we put BEM on the backburner (figuratively speaking) with the goal of re-kindling the ministry during our retirement. 

It turned out that God had bigger things in mind for BEM!  As a result of a mission board closing its doors very unexpectedly in the fall of 2011, a friend and co-worker in ministry approached us about coming on with BEM as an additional missionary, offering similar services and with the same goal of encouraging pastors and small churches.  Having served as missionaries in Utah and global missions for many years, John and Beabea Rogers brought a wisdom and insight to BEM that we had never dreamed of having. 

Several years later, a third couple was added, Jim & Jeanne Keller, serving primarily in their state of Kansas as well as in Utah.  Through the guidance of our Board and the insight and willingness to go where needed, BEM has very unexpectedly (on our part) been able to serve churches across America.  In addition, at the suggestion of our Board, our Small Church Enrichment Conferences have been an additional blessing and mode of outreach to pastors.

Although our work with Barnabas Enrichment Ministries (BEM) was limited through 2020 & 2021 due to Covid and the aftermath, we were able to serve in several churches in various ways, along with providing Small Church Enrichment Conferences.  Our primary areas of service were in Utah, Indiana and Michigan.   With our Youth Pastor leaving unexpectedly in June of 2021, Tim has had opportunity many times to preach and teach Sunday School for our pastor, helping to ease the extra work load left to him as we continue to look for the Associate Pastor God would have for us.   It has been interesting to see how God has used our BEM mission and goals to minister in our local environment with people we have worshipped with since the summer of 2018 at Milan Baptist Church.  They have been tremendously encouraging and uplifting.
What a blessing it was to our hearts when Milan Baptist Church voted to support us and our BEM ministry on a monthly basis!  Although we have not sought out monetary support since temporarily leaving BEM to serve at New Hope, we have begun to realize this past year that all of the travel expenses involved were beginning to add up.  God’s timing and encouragement were perfect in our receiving this unsought, but much appreciated blessing!

As we begin 2023, we are looking at several BEM opportunities to serve.  One will be a 6-week opportunity in Muncie, Indiana, serving as interim for a pastor fulfilling his duty as a Navy chaplain.  The second will be serving a pastor and his American Liberian church on Staten Island, NY for 4-6 weeks this fall.  Lord willing, we will also be hosting a Small Church Enrichment Conference at our home church, Milan Baptist Church, Milan Michigan in September, hoping to serve a new area of pastors which we have not yet met. 
Organizationally, God has blessed BEM with a new accountant who has offered his services without charge.  Having lost our previous accountant in the fall of 2021, Tim was very grateful to have that burden lifted from his shoulders and to let Charles Kurk assume that responsibility.   In addition, at our recent Annual Board Meeting, we were thrilled to take on two new board members who were well known to most of the 12 people serving on the BEM board of directors.  After serving in Utah for a number of years as missionaries, and, having an exceptional understanding and rapport with both the LDS community and the Christian pastors and mission boards ministering there, Chris and Rachel DeMorrell have agreed to serve as board members of BEM and as Western Field Representatives. 
On a regular basis, Tim & I co-chair our Missions Committee, Tim is serving as Deacon and I am heading up a Visitor Hospitality Team, with occasional substitute teaching…way too many meetings; but, it’s exciting to see all that God is accomplishing at Milan Baptist Church! 
In closing, we ask you to pray for us, for good health, for safety in travel and for wisdom and success in bringing encouragement to the pastors we serve.  In Paul’s words, “I appeal to you, brothers, by our Lord Jesus Christ and by the love of the Spirit, to strive together with me in your prayers to God on my behalf,” Romans 15:30
We treasure you all and thank God for you.  Thank you again for your love, friendship, prayers and generosity!
Excited to be serving,
Tim & Sandy Hewitt