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Hewitt Update 7/7/22
July 7, 2022

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners,

We apologize for the time delay since our last update with regard to Barnabas Enrichment Ministries (BEM).  Although the mission of BEM has remained the same since its inception in 2008, for a number of reasons, our methods have changed.  While we still offer intense 1-2 month long help to Small Church Pastors, we have also added interim pastor services, conference speaking, conflict resolution and missionary pastor relief assistance.  In trying to encourage small church pastors through networking and fellowship opportunities with one another, we have hosted biennial Small Church Enrichment Conferences in Kokomo, Indiana and this year in Utah (free of charge to those attending).

BEM’s numbers have increased as well!  We now have 3 couples representing this Mission through the above mentioned services.  Tim & Sandy Hewitt (part-time) John & Beabea Rogers (full-time) and Jim & Jeanne Keller (part-time) are all actively serving at different times in various locations around the country (Indiana, Michigan, Kansas, New York, Wisconsin, Arizona, Alaska, California and Utah, just to name a few).  A fourth couple is in the process of applying to BEM to act as our Western Representatives.  We are also very thankful for our BEM Board of Directors who has helped us to think outside the box on several occasions in order to better determine how our services could best be utilized to serve in our ever changing world.

Of course, COVID altered much of our plans in 2020 and 2021.  In spite of COVID, with some program alterations, we were able to hold our second Biennial Small Church Enrichment Conference in November of 2020, in Kokomo, Indiana.  Plans are also in the works to offer that conference once again this coming November, 2022.  We believe that keeping up the dependable momentum and fellowship opportunities for these pastors and their family’s needs to be a priority! 

After several requests from Utah, through the collective efforts of all of our BEM missionaries plus an on-site worker, we were recently able to hold our first Utah Small Church Enrichment Conference April 29-30 of this year.  With God’s blessing and an encouraging attendance of about 90 people, including wives and children of all ages, the Friday evening/Saturday event seemed to be a tremendous blessing to all! 

While we have been happy to travel distances to help out churches and pastors (Indiana, Utah etc.), it has been a blessing to be of help numerous times at our own church in Milan, Michigan. Having lost our Youth Associate Pastor a year ago, Tim has assisted our pastor a dozen times or more over the past year with teaching and preaching.  We have both taken on the leadership of our church’s Missions Committee.  This group is very committed and worked tirelessly with us in organizing and hosting a church-wide Missions Conference (the first in 50 years!) March 5th – 6th.  By God’s grace, it was a huge success and a real encouragement to our pastor, our church leadership, the congregation as a whole and the missionaries who attended.

Sandy was afforded the opportunity to speak at our church’s Ladies’ Christmas Banquet December 7th and has co-led special Ladies’ sessions during each of our Small Church Conferences. 

In reality, it seems like BEM has a big piece of our combined mind-share on almost a daily basis.  Preparations for the Small Church Enrichment Conferences take an immense amount of time in message preparation, mailings, purchasing and logistics planning.  We are so thankful that God has given us the time and mind power to accomplish those things!  It has definitely been a group effort and thus challenging, with the 6 (almost 8) of us living in 3-4 different states.  Technology has been much used, much appreciated and sometimes cursed! 

We are very aware that we are able to have an effect on only a minuscule portion of the family of God in this way.  Yet, we are so thankful that God has given us the vision, the mind, energy and support to accomplish these things.   We have personally witnessed the difference this ministry has made in the lives of small church pastors, their families and their churches!  Questions?  Please feel free to email us at the address below.  We would love to hear from you!!!

While our personal expenses are small, mostly travel and lodging expenses, BEM bears the majority of the expenses involved in running a 501c3 organization, as well as the sizeable cost of the Small Church Enrichment Conferences (2 this year).  Although the conferences are offered at no charge to those who attend, there are definitely significant expenses involved!

Should you feel led to contribute to our Personal Expense Fund, or more importantly, to the BEM General Fund or Conference Fund, you may send your gift to:


Barnabas Enrichment Ministries
P.O. Box 229
Elkhart, IN 46515-0229

   Please make sure to note where you would like the contribution to be applied.


Thank you once again for your love, support and prayers.   


Tim & Sandy Hewitt


“Our vision is to encourage pastors, churches and missionaries through preaching, teaching, exhorting, counseling and loving care.”