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Rogers Update 12/20/21
December 20, 2021
Dear Friends,

It has been said that moving is a great adventure.  There is some truth in that, but another term that might describe it is insanity.  My dad once told me that living in a place for more than seven years was a mistake.  He was referring to the number of items that one accumulates while living.  My dad had a lot of wisdom!  We just moved from Indiana to Tennessee after living in our house for nineteen years.  I had no idea how much stuff I actually owned until I started packing it!  Before we finished loading the truck and trailer (you heard that right – truck and trailer), we were giving away items to those who were helping us move!  The positive side of moving and packing is I found various things I had tried to locate for many years and thought I had lost.  I gave away most of those too.

Driving down the road with the U-Haul truck, I began thinking about moving from a biblical perspective.  The Bible is filled with people moving.  We all know the story of Abraham (who did not have a U-Haul truck) leaving all he had ever known.  Then there was Paul, living on the road, without a real home of his own, sharing Christ with those around him.  So many people in the Bible journeyed into the unknown knowing that God knew.  And of course, Jesus!  He made a huge move from King of Heaven surrounded by those who adored Him to a manger in Bethlehem, born into a very poor family under cruel government rule.  (No U-Haul truck brought His personal items and magnificent throne!  No luggage traveled with Him.)  As I thought about Jesus and His move to earth, I thought about the last move I will ever make… my journey to heaven – perhaps because Jesus comes back or perhaps because this body dies, but I won’t need a U-Haul truck either way!!  None of the things I have accumulated on earth that are materially mine will be important than.  Only the dear people who know Christ (some of whom I had the privilege of being a part of what God was doing in their lives) will I be able to enjoy in eternity.

One of the joys of our ministries here on earth is the privilege of traveling to many different places and meeting so many of those future citizens of heaven before we all move there.  This has allowed us to be free to live near my own family now before that great journey.  (The move to Tennessee certainly was influenced by the fact that all of our grandchildren now live in Knoxville, Tennessee.)  I do have to admit it was really difficult saying good-bye to our brothers and sisters in Christ in Indiana whom we have come to love very much, and who have loved and encouraged us in so many ways.  We are looking forward to what the Lord has in this new area where we will begin to build relationships with those around us.

The future involves us being together forever with all those who know Christ, so good-byes and hellos involve an eternal connection.  I think about all of those friends who are believers that God has brought me into contact with, and I feel so privileged to know them.  I also think of the dear friends I have encountered that are not yet apart of God’s family.  It too is a privilege to be a part of their lives and share with them about the God who loves me and them.

For now our new earthly address is:
John and Beabea Rogers
5000 Spring Valley Drive
Knoxville, TN 37917

We are only using our cell phones now.  Again, those numbers are…

John: (765) 753-0056
Beabea: (765) 210-1570
The months ahead are filling in quickly which means that we will be traveling a lot in the days ahead.  Pray that we stay safe, both physically and spiritually.  I was in the middle of the intense winter storm in Wisconsin this month while Beabea was in the thunderstorms that tore through Kentucky and Tennessee.  One never knows what adventures are ahead as we travel this planet!  It would be insane not to trust God with the future!

Saved, Sealed, and Delivered!  Saved from sin / Sealed to God / Delivered from death!  Praise Jesus!

John (and Beabea) Rogers