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Rogers Update 10/15/21
October 16, 2021
Dear Friends,

When Joseph was asked by his father, Jacob, to check on how Joseph’s brothers were doing tending the flocks of sheep, Joseph didn't hesitate.  He probably was aware of some of his brothers’ negative feelings about him, but I doubt if he even considered what might happen out in the wilderness alone with them.  In fact, I would imagine that he looked forward to the adventure of getting away from home and seeing his brothers – after all they were his brothers.  He had no idea of what was ahead.  Before it was over, the brothers would throw him into a pit, then sell him off as a slave who would be taken to Egypt; and finally, they would lie about him to their father, implying he was killed by a wild animal.
Sometimes, it is very good that we don’t know what lies ahead, otherwise, we would probably “freak out” and worry constantly.  Now, fast forward to September of this year.  Beabea and I are on our way to speak in churches in New York state.  The area we are headed to is where Beabea was raised and ultimately came to know the Lord.  We both were really looking forward to the adventure that was ahead.  It was going to be great seeing our many friends at the churches we were scheduled to speak in and visiting relatives in the area as well.  Like Joseph, we were unaware that God had different plans.
A couple of days before we left, I had picked up an occasional cough.  I just figured it was allergies.  Now as we traveled along, I realized I was experiencing more than allergies.   By the time we stopped at the motel that night, I clearly understood that what was happening was not good – at least from my point of view!  The next day when we got up to go, I was very sick with difficulty breathing normal.  With the possibility of Covid, I knew I couldn't continue with the trip so I contacted the churches I was suppose to speak in.  (Very few times in my life, I have cancelled meetings – so this was not an easy decision!)  The New York churches were very understanding and let me reschedule for later.
As soon as we arrived home, I did a Covid test.  The results were negative.  I then went to the medical clinic.  They took one look at me and were convinced I had Covid.  So, they retested me.  Again, the results were negative.  They then gave me some powerful anti-biotics and strong cough syrup.  A couple of weeks later I felt somewhat resurrected.
Why does God allow this stuff?  In the case of Joseph, it would be many years before that question was answered.  God was strategically placing Joseph where he would be able to save his family’s lives in a horrible famine.  As Joseph would later say to his brothers, “you thought evil against me; but God meant it for good…” (Genesis 50:20)  I really don’t know why God moved our trip to New York, putting us there at a time of His choosing.  I know I have had several opportunities to share with people what happened, and I am certain God wants us in New York when He places us there for some future divine appointment.  Nothing is without purpose with God so I will let Him figure it out.  God will do that whether I choose to give to Him or not.  Another definition for faith could be, “Trusting God even when I have questions!”
Beabea and I would appreciate your prayers in several areas (actually all the areas!)  In a few days we head south to speak in churches in Florida.  I have asked God to keep us well, but I am glad He knows best, and I don’t have to convince Him to do right!  After all, my concept of right might be a bit off.
Also, we have accepted an offer on our house that is set to close just before Thanksgiving.  Please pray all will go as God would have it.  We look forward to moving to Tennessee and being near grandkids when we are not traveling.  However, it will be really difficult saying good-bye to everyone we know in Indiana.  The positive part of traveling is most roads lead through Indiana, so we know we will have plenty of opportunities to visit in our travels!
The last two years have been interesting when it comes to being involved in churches.  We have done some face-to-face contact, speaking and helping, but we have also done many Zoom meetings including speaking in churches long distance.  Two months ago, we had an almost clear schedule.  Now, amazingly we are booked for in person meetings and projects all the way up to August of next year.  We just have few empty slots along the way.  That is exciting and a bit of a surprise.  We will be in Florida, Wisconsin, Indiana, Kansas, Utah, and New York state.  On the road again…!  Please pray for all the travel including safety and health.  Again, most important of all is that we stay close in fellowship with our Lord!  Now that is an exciting adventure to look forward to!!
Last letter, I closed with this statement: (Lots of positive comments about it!)
Saved, Sealed, and Delivered!  Saved from sin / Sealed to God / Delivered from death!  Praise Jesus!
John (and Beabea) Rogers