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Rogers Update 8/26/2021
August 26, 2021
Dear Friends,

My mom’s brother, Uncle Tell, was an exceptionally wise pastor that I enjoyed talking with in my grade school years.  We would discuss theology from subjects such as the Second Coming of Christ to the Sovereignty of God.  I remember one discussion when he said something that I cannot forget.  Uncle Tell stated that one of most wonderful things about serving the Lord is “ministry is everywhere.”  He then added that one of the most difficult things about serving the Lord is “ministry is everywhere!”  I’ve thought about that statement through the years, and he was right.  If you want to serve the Lord, there are opportunities every time you leave the house.  The flip side is wherever you go, human need is overwhelming.  The bottom line is where there are people, there is ministry!  Only God can give the power to mend the broken hearts around us!
When I realized I was going to have knee replacement surgery earlier this year, I asked that you would pray for opportunities to live Christ, especially before the medical workers I would meet at the surgery (as well as the physical therapy people that would be helping me afterward).  Of course, God answered your prayers.  The last few months have been filled with one opportunity after another.  I have had many open up to me, asking questions and wanting answers to difficulties they were facing.  This has more than once allowed me to present Christ as the solution they needed.
I also want to thank you for praying that my knee would heal, allowing me to stay mobile!  I have one more week of Physical Therapy, and then I will be done.  I will continue doing exercises just to make sure I continue to heal.  The knee is doing great.  God has been so gracious.  There were challenges along the way.  A few weeks after the surgery, I was having increasing difficulty getting the knee to bend.  I was going to Physical Therapy three times a week and doing exercises on my own as well, but none of this seemed to help.  I finally had to go back into the surgical room, and the doctor forced bent the knee in a procedure called Knee Manipulation.  Thank God I was not awake for that one!  The doctor told me afterward that he could hear the scare tissue cracking as he bent the knee!  (I am really looking forward to that new body when Jesus comes!)  After the Knee Manipulation, everything started to progress much better!
In August I have been speaking in churches in Indiana.  In September I will be speaking in churches in New York.  In October/November I will be speaking in churches in Florida.  Praise the Lord that my knee is truly healing.  In addition to the knee surgery, I have had an MRI of the pancreas and a colonoscopy concerning my crones.  That doctor has given me an A+ rating.  Praise the Lord!
We are about to put our house up for sale.  Our grandkids have taken up residence in Tennessee, and since where we live does not affect our ministry, we are planning to move to Tennessee.  Speaking of grandkids, our granddaughter, Laurie, is doing so much better!  Her health continues to improve!  Please continue to pray for her and the rest of our grandchildren.  Pray for our whole family!  There are so many challenges in the world today.  We all need God’s protection!  More important than physical health and wellbeing is our relationship to God!  Pray for our spiritual health, that we will love the Lord and continue to serve Him as we walk among human need!
Saved, Sealed, and Delivered!  Saved from sin / Sealed to God / Delivered from death!  Praise Jesus!
John (and Beabea) Rogers