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Rogers Update 2/19/2021
March 4, 2021
February 19, 2021

Dear Friends,

2020 is the year where God says you are not going to figure me out!  It doesn’t matter how much you analyze what is happening (and so much is happening), you still won’t be able to put the pieces together to clarify a constant “Why?”  I would guess that 2020 has been a biblical Job experience for most of us.  If so, it means Satan has been actively accusing us of our often failures and sometimes accusing us even when we don’t fail.  I love Job’s response in Job 3:15, “Though He (God) slay me, yet will I trust in Him…”  How could any rational person say such a statement?  The only way any of us could make such a comment is we must believe God is good, and that He knows what He’s doing!  The only way we could believe that with confidence is we have come to truly know God based on His word lived out in His personal involvement in our lives.  My favorite definition of Faith is trusting God even when I doubt!
So, what is happening in our lives in 2021?  First let me share with you what I have been doing already this year.  (Let me correct that – what God has been doing as He works in me…)  I have been involved in several intense counseling situations through phone and ZOOM as well as some in person meetings.  Given all that has happened this last year, the emotional need people have to interact with someone has opened several doors.
Since the first of the year, I have been teaching the Adult Sunday School Class at First Baptist in Russiaville, Indiana.  (This is the church we attend when we are not traveling.)  This teaching is both in person and shared online.  The subject is titled, “Is Your Christianity Cultic? – What is Real Christianity?”  I really enjoy teaching this class.  The people attending have been very interactive and interested in how easily we live our lives as religious people instead of being impowered by God’s Spirit in our worship and service.  I am using this opportunity to develop this into a conference that I will be able to share in other churches.  Please pray that God continues to give clarity on how to teach this crucial subject.
I am also teaching in person the Children’s Church at First Baptist.  The subject is “The Return of the King” and obviously about Biblical prophecy and Jesus coming back to earth.  I have taught this in Children’s Church and Sunday School Classes for children in other churches, but only as a one-time session.  This time the class will last for about 8 weeks.  I have to admit, that I am having a great time.  It is amazing how deep thinking the children are, and they ask very good questions!
On location meetings with churches are now being scheduled for the latter part of 2021.  ZOOM has been a marvelous tool during the last year, but I am really looking forward to spending in person contact with fellow believers again.  God designed us for fellowship, and we all need it very much!  I will be in New York state in September and in Florida in October/November.
Health is always an adventure in this fallen world!  I have been dealing with a left leg that has been getting worse over the last few years.  It is now official.  I will be having knee replacement surgery in April.  (I had the right knee replaced in 2004.)  I thought of several puns I could share right now, but I am practicing self-control!  Seriously, I am sincerely asking for your prayers in this.  I know what’s coming and the discipline necessary for physical therapy afterward!  I am glad I know God!
Many of you have been praying for our granddaughter, Laurie, who has had a difficult medical condition since last March.  This condition is known as Viral Gastroparesis, and one of the symptoms is vomiting on a regular basis, sometimes several times a day.  This has been going on for almost a year now as the doctors have been trying several things to help her.  Some of the medical solutions they have tried have worked temporarily, but the condition keeps coming back.  Laurie has recently had a procedure done that the doctors believe could really help her.  It can sometimes take awhile to work and may need to be done several times.  Beabea has been traveling back and forth from Tennessee to help our daughter, Christy, with the situation.  (With Covid, Christy is not allowed to take the rest of the children with her when she goes to the doctors with Laurie.)  With my knee surgery coming up, Beabea will need to be back here for a while if possible.  Only God truly understands what is happening in this as it unfolds.
In the last year many of my friends and fellow believers have been going though difficult times, often in health.  I have been praying for all of them with a total sympathetic heart.  The part that amazes me is that God is personally involved in each one’s situation, cares about what is happening to that person, and is working to accomplish His good purposes in all that is going on.  While He is doing that, God is also taking care of the birds I see out in the cold winter snow.  He even takes care of cats.  My daughter’s cat, who now lives in our garage, disappeared one frozen night (below zero) while out in the snow.  Personally, cats are not at the top of my “concerned about list,” but I did ask the Lord to take care of this one during the freezing night.  (I hope I don’t loose any support over that statement from either side of the cat issue!)  The next day, “Jazmine” was waiting somewhat impatient for me to let her into the garage.  God is much bigger and more interested in our lives – and what is happening in this world…  than we could possibly understand!
Well, 2020 never surprised God even one time, therefore 2021 doesn’t hold any mystery for Him either.  So, if He is not worried, I don’t think I am going to waste my time doing it for Him!
Resting and serving in Him, and anticipating…

John (and Beabea) Rogers