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Keller Update 12/11/2020
December 11, 2020
December 2020

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year:

Jeanne and I want to thank you as our friends and co-labors for your faithful prayers for us.  We are convinced without you pleading for us to have opportunities, remain clean and spiritual, and be effective in helping others, we can easily practice ministry without impacting the work that God want us to do, through His people and within our own lives.
We are so grateful for your love, prayers and concerned interest, in the areas we have been given the privilege to serve.  With the COVID concerns, our opportunities are limited.  However, we are excited about the various ways we have been able to serve. 
  • We returned home from a BEM Small Church Conference in Kokomo, IN.  Jeanne taught a children’s class and I had an opportunity to share in one of the general sessions on Developing Deliberate Relationships. We were seriously challenged to do a better job in actually praying rather than just simply ‘asking God’ for something.  We all know how important prayer is and may even do a fair share of praying, but I for one was challenged to do better.
  • The times we’ve been able to be in the pulpit, to help a Pastor and Church as we seek to meet their needs/interests and the opportunities we have at our home church (Bethel) where are serve in Awana.
  • The ‘long-distance’ counseling we’ve been able to be involved in, in hopes of bothhelping and encouraging those on the other end of the conversation.
When we are not involved in what some people call ‘ministry’, we are serving at our jobs O’Reilly Auto Parts as a Delivery Driver and Nystrom Law Office as Secretary.  We believe these are given to us in order to have contact with others (who may be lost or need encouragement) building relationships with them to be able to share Christ.
Please continue to pray for us in the various areas that we’ve mentioned above, and thank you so much for caring about us and the influence we can have for Christ.
Jim & Jeanne Keller                                          

Barnabas Enrichment Ministries
415 NW 48th Terrace
Topeka, KS 66617   

IMPORTANT information concerning end of year giving to BEM from the BEM treasurer:  Similar to tax returns, per IRS rules, the postmark on envelopes are what determine when a contribution was made, not the date on the check.  I will pick up checks after year-end and review the post dates.  As for electronic donations - if we receive one 1-3 days after year-end, we might need to ask for proof of submission if our bank doesn't show that information.