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Rogers Update 2/24/2020
February 25, 2020
Dear Friends,
“North to Alaska, gone north, the rush is on!”  Words from the opening song of a very old John Wayne movie titled… North to Alaska.  Big surprise!  Anyway, that is my theme this week as I prepare for a trip to Alaska.  (Not John Wayne, but going north to Alaska!)  I leave on February 28th and I will be gone all of March.  It will be an exciting trip with my schedule full (four and a half weeks).  The early part of the trip will be in Fairbanks.  I will be speaking in three churches that have become like family whenever I am there and away from home.  First, I will be doing a week-long prophecy conference titled “The Return of the King” at Hamilton Acres Baptist.  After that, I will be speaking on a Sunday and Wednesday at Pioneer Bible in North Pole, Alaska, just south of Fairbanks.  Finally, back in Fairbanks I will finish up at McGrath Road Baptist where the pastor and his family are getting away for a few days of time off.  Not only will I be speaking in the church, but I will have the privilege of dog sitting their canine pets.  (I’ve actually become fairly good at dog sitting.  I have some friends in Utah ministry that have been training me over the last few years!)
From Fairbanks I head to southeast Alaska where I will be helping a small church there for the first time.  It is always exciting becoming involved with a group of believers I have not met before.  While I am there, I will be speaking several times including doing the Biblical Relationship Conference over a weekend.  I am scheduled to be at Kenny Lake for the last two weeks of March.
For those of you who have been praying about my leg that has had some problems, I am doing better.  (Sometimes, I wonder if I am actually better or if I have learned to adapt well enough to feel like I am better.)  There may be a few challenges on this upcoming trip to Alaska, but I am depending on those of you who are committed to praying for us – keep up the good work in the weeks ahead!  Of course, pray for Beabea while I am away.  (You can pray for her while I home also!  She might need it even more!)  Pray for our children and their families.  Life has so many challenges!  Another prayer request is Beabea’s mom.  My “favorite” mother-in-law is in the hospital and is not doing very well.  Lillian has been a servant of the Lord for many years and in many ways!  She is special.  Also, pray for friends of ours who just lost their 33-year-old son who collapsed and died.  It is not yet known why this happened.
For the last 6 months I have been mostly in Indiana near home.  That is unusual, because I have averaged being gone about two-thirds of every year.  I have to admit I have enjoyed seeing Beabea more, and so I am not complaining.  Even though I have been mostly in Indiana, I have been quite busy.  I have been speaking in several Indiana churches as well as doing the Biblical Relationship conference in one of them.  I also had the privilege of being directly involved in preparing and participating in the Small Church Summit this last November.  These were open discussion sessions built around the interactive communication of those attending.  It went very well and demonstrated that this type of fellowship has real value.  I have also been involved in an extensive amount of counseling both in person and in other communicative ways.  I have spent many hours on the phone.
A quick update…  The book, Terminal Option, has been doing well.  I will be sending out an update on it soon.  I created a list of individuals who I thought would be interested in what was happening with the book.  If you are not on the list and would like to be, please let me know.  If you are on the list and would like to be removed, let me know also!

Just a reminder to pray for BEM as we prepare for the next Small Church Conference this fall.  (This is not the Small Church Summit I just talked about earlier in this update.  We hope to see the Summit happen in the off years we are not doing the conference.  The Summit would switch back and forth with the conference being held every other year.)  As before, our goal is to offer the conference at no charge to help pastors and church members be able to attend.  Last year, the Lord brought in the money to make this possible, and we are praying the same for this year.  There is a real cost to doing these conferences, but I really enjoy watching the Lord provide!  The dates for the conference in 2020 will be November 13 & 14.  Please, put these dates aside and plan to come. 

One final word – We are getting requests to hold the Small Church Conference in different parts of the country.  We are starting to make plans to do so.  We would appreciate your prayers for wisdom on how to approach this major task God’s way.  It is good to know that our heavenly Father knows what’s best!
Holding on to Daddy’s hand,




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