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Keller Update 4/4/2019
April 4, 2019
April  2019


James 1:1 uses this term when he is writing to the scattered believers of his day.  We’re told the term ‘greetings’ has the connotation that challenges us to rejoice.  There is after all so much to rejoice about.  I trust this letter will find you rejoicing as well.

Since our last letter we have had the honor of serving a church and Pastor in Santaquin, Utah.  Pastor Chris & Rachel are such an encouragement to me, their desire and faithfulness to serve at the Santaquin Baptist Church is unique and inspiring.  The people attending Santaquin Baptist are great people as well!  We have also been able to teach and preach in a couple of churches within our area and provide both comfort and counseling for individual friends.

Jeanne and I consider it a real joy to serve Christ!  We have also been able to teach and preach in a couple of churches within our area and provide both comfort and counseling for individual friends.  During the past several years I’ve had the unique opportunity to do additional study of God’s Word in the preparation of my heart and then sharing these riches from God’s Word with others as opportunities come my way.  I have found as Charles Stanley used to say “I seldom prepare a sermon/teaching by studying for a sermon, but more often study God’s Word for personal growth and insight.  Then out of that life experience a sermon or teaching develops to share with others.”  I like that and have found it to be helpful, as I evaluate what the needs may be of those whom we serve.
In between ministries I have also gone back to part-time work at O’Reilly’s Auto Parts and Jeanne continues part-time work at Designed Business Interior.  We are both serving in the Awana Ministry at Bethel.  I will preach at Wells Creek Community on April 7th and at Bethel Baptist on May 12th.  This summer I will fill in for Pastor Wayne at Sandy, Utah June 27th through July 23rd. This will allow Pastor Wayne a break and he and his family an opportunity to visit relatives in California.

Four of the key areas in which we minister are . . .

1) providing ministry to local Pastors and Churches, in order for Pastors to have a break from daily ministry, so that they may be able to be refreshed and renewed in their calling and vision for continued ministry in their local churches.

2) provide insight and objectivity where there may be conflicts and a need for resolution and reconciliation on either a personal or church level.

3) come along side of a Pastor and church with teaching/training on specific areas of ministry, be it practical or Biblical in nature.

4) serve in an interim capacity, at a time of transition, when a church may be seeking new Pastoral leadership.

If you have a need or know of someone who may benefit in these areas of ministry, please call us and we will gladly serve.  Please pray that we would remain clean and sensitive to God and His people.  Thank you for praying, this is crucial in order for us to be effective.  Keep on praying for us to have more opportunities.  Contact us by calling, texting 1-785-230-9126 or e-mailing us.
God bless you!
Jim & Jeanne Keller
415 NW 48th Terrace                                                     
Topeka, KS 66617                                                                                     

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