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Keller Update 4/2/2018
April 3, 2018

April 2018
Dear Friends:
Hi, you guessed it, we have been busy.  I’m sure you know what that is like.  God has provided us with good health and a number of opportunities to connect with people in order to have input into their lives.  I know individuals constantly influence us as well.
Jeanne and I have been reading, preparing and serving as God opens doors and gives us opportunity.  We are so thankful for Bethel Baptist Church, our commissioning church and their financial support. We have been involved in the Awana ministry at Bethel, and Bethel is also where we attend.  We rejoice as Pastor Glenn Faris and his wife Tena begin their official ministry at Bethel April 9th.  I am still involved in a gospel outreach where we go door to door to distribute within our community, a gospel DVD entitled “Evolution vs. God” by Ray Comfort.  I have also been doing some preaching as opportunities are available. 
We ask for and covet your prayers for God to open doors for ministry and then give us wisdom to know how to help people as they express a need for encouragement and possible involvement within their lives.  We are getting ready to attend and share in a Pastor’s conference in Eureka, Utah.  I will also present four classes to the Santaquin Baptist Church on the difference between Dispensationalism & Covenant Theology.  It will be a condensed version of what I taught in Brazil last year.
Pastor Chris & Rachel DeMorell, of Santaquin Baptist Church, have become our friends over the past year and are doing a great work within their community through their church.  Pray for their ministry to be successful and encouraging in a challenging area of Utah.
Praise & Pray:
  • Praise God for the privilege of serving Christ.
  • Praise God for faithful believers we meet every day as we serve.
  • We are thankful for His provision as to our health and our expenses.
  • Pray for wisdom in discerning God’s will as we desire to serve Him.
  • Pray for additional opportunities to serve.
  • Pray we remain sensitive & effective as we share Jesus Christ.
We trust you had a nice Easter!  Praise God He is Risen!  Please contact us with any questions or ministry opportunities by calling or texting 1-785-230-9126 or e-mail us at 
God bless you!
Jim & Jeanne Keller     Barnabas Enrichment Ministries
415 NW 48th Terrace                     PO Box 229
Topeka, KS 66617                        Elkhart, IN  46515-0229