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Hewitt Update 3/9/2018
March 9, 2018
Dear Friends,

As 2018 takes off in a fury, we have looked over the past year of 2017 with grateful hearts.  Our main news of the year began to formulate last January (2017) when Tim expressed that he would like to plan for retirement from full-time church ministry in 2017.  (We came to New Hope Baptist Church 7 years ago as  BEM missionaries and were both surprised and blessed by God’s plan to leave us there for a while!) We began working toward that end, speaking with key people at our church and finally announcing our plans to the church the last Sunday in April.  Once the ball got rolling, God worked in good time with the church voting to call our youth pastor as the new Sr. Pastor.  With that in place, Tim’s last Sunday in that role was September 3rd.  A very special party was held, kind words were spoken, a generous gift was given and, as we pulled out of the church parking lot that last day, we felt very loved and appreciated.  Curtis (the new pastor) has asked us to stay at New Hope as part of the church body and we have decided to give that a try. 
All seems to be going well in that regard.

Deciding that we should make ourselves scarce for a while, in order to give the new pastor some space, we took a month long trip up through Maine, New Brunswick, Canada and Prince Edward Island, camping along the way in our “new” 11 year old TrailManor camper.  It was a fun and special time for the two of us as we enjoyed the sights, learned lots of new things and continually gave thanks to our Father for the energy and health that we seem to have.   Having lost a very close friend our age in June and another in November, we are acutely aware of just how fortunate we are!

Our plan is to once again serve actively with Barnabas Enrichment Ministries and enjoy some special time visiting our kids and grandkids.  In early December, we traveled to Utah to meet with pastors that might be interested in BEM’s assistance.  BEM now has three couples helping pastors who need encouragement and a little break.  In February, we traveled to Topeka, Kansas where Tim and John Rogers preached during the Commissioning Service for our newest missionary couple, Rev. Jim & Jeanne Keller.

Although we are traveling for personal enjoyment at present, we are managing to seek opportunities to serve with BEM along the way.  Tim will be preaching at a church in Oceanside, CA on March 11th and will be meeting with a missionary pastor in New Mexico later in the month.

In spite of all of our changes, this past year seemed to be one of exceptional family time.  Having pre-planned some “big family” get-together dates, we were so thankful for those special days and weekends.  I think just watching our 8 kids (4+4 spouses) interact in a fun way as adults, was our main blessing.  And, of course, it was a joy to watch the 15 grandchildren enjoying spending time together as well.  The four teenagers seem to have become positive role models and heroes for the younger 11!

Is life as perfect as I make it sound?  Absolutely not!!  Life can be hard at times and constantly offers challenges to us, our kids and grandchildren.  But, without a doubt, we are truly blessed as we always know where to turn for hope and joy and answers, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  It is our faith in Him that sustains us and guides us in every circumstance.  We wish for each of you the blessing of a personal faith in Him as well.

Blessings to you all,

Tim & Sandy

508 East North A Street
Gas City, IN 46933

Cell: (765) 667-2532