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Rogers Update 12/13/2017
December 13, 2017
Dear Friends,

Eternity, its waiting…  Many times we as Christians get wrapped into experiencing or just surviving life in our everyday existence.  But Eternity still waits…Shortly after arriving in Spanish Fork, Utah, to help Faith Baptist Church’s ministry, two adult men came to the church on a Friday afternoon searching for the pastor.  (Pastor Martens must work a full time job with FedEX to provide for his family.  Many pastors in Utah have to do that because the churches here are small and not able to support a full time pastor.  I have been coming out several years now during this very busy shipping season to help the pastor.)

The two men were brothers, and they shared with me that their brother (who was in his 40’s) had shot himself that morning and their mother had found him in the back yard.  He had passed into eternity.  Pastor Martens and I have been involved in counseling the parents and the family (Catholic background).  We also had the privilege of doing the funeral together.  It has been a challenging and difficult time as we talked with the family and answered their questions about eternity.  I have come to care for them very much.

This week I have learned of two more deaths.  One was a Baptist Missionary friend who had been involved with church planting in Utah for many years.  He died of a serious illness.  He and I had worked together at Camp Utibaca (Utah Independent Baptist Camp) in various ways during my time of church planting in Utah.  The other was an LDS (Mormon) mother of several children (the youngest is two years old).  She was a neighbor of Pastor Martens.  She had committed suicide. 

In addition to these three individuals who entered eternity here in Utah, while I was traveling in the early part of this fall ministry trip, I had learned that a friend of mine in Indiana had a close friend who had just been killed in a farming accident.

Eternity is waiting… waiting for all of us.  Our time here is precious.  People need to know about Jesus.  To face eternity without Christ is unthinkable!  To pause and consider that moment, when a biblical Christian opens his or her eyes, sees the Savior and experiences that “face to face” reality of being with their Lord, is thrilling to imagine.  How sad to find oneself awaking in eternity and it not be heaven.

As I write this, I am beginning my eighth week away from home and Beabea – and I am going into withdraw missing her!  By the time I get home next week it will be eight weeks.  (I leave Monday morning, December 18th.)  I appreciate your prayers for me as I travel and for Beabea as she takes care of things at home including her mom.  I have the best mother-in-law in the whole world, and it is a privilege to be in her life in these latter years.

The first part of this trip, I was in Kansas helping a rural church as it called its next pastor.  It was a special time of working with the caring people there as we served the Lord together.  After just under three weeks there, I traveled to Colorado where I spent time with my daughter, son-in-law, and three very special grandkids!  (I only have special grandkids – it’s a requirement on their part!)  It was only a couple of days, but it was loads of fun!  Then I journeyed on to Utah to work with Faith Baptist here.  I also spoke in a couple of other churches during weekday services, and I have had great opportunity to be involved in peoples’ lives all over northern Utah.

While here, the director of BEM, Tim Hewitt, and his wife, Sandy, came out to meet many of the pastors here in the state.  I had the privilege of introducing them to some very special people who serve the Lord in Mormon country.  (Tim & Sandy are not new to Utah.  They have served as BEM missionaries helping a Baptist church in Tooele, Utah a few years back.)

Some of you may have tried to order the CD of me teaching on Biblical Relationships, and had some difficulty.  Harvest Production’s website has now been corrected and the CD is available again.  You may order it at Harvest Productions:
Finally, be in prayer for the Christmas Program that Faith Baptist Church will be doing Friday night this week and Sunday Morning.  I will be doing the closing devotions, and it is the desire of all of us involved that this story (and it is powerful) will touch the hearts of many.  Pray for visitors to come who have been invited and for those who will be singing (obviously not me!) and the narration parts done by several individuals. 

Serving because of Eternity!


John (and Beabea) Rogers


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