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The Story Behind the Novel - The Terminal Option
by John Rogers
 The Story Behind the Novel Terminal Option
By John Thomas Rogers
(Field Director of BEM)

It is almost impossible to consider our nation today as well as the rest of world without determining that something is horribly wrong.  That is a reasonable conclusion whether you know God or not.  Voices have been warning humanity for a long time, and I am not just talking about spiritual leaders.  George Orwell, a democratic socialist, warned of the dangers of Totalitarianism in any political form including socialism/communism.  He taught the political system was not the issue, but that the thinking processes (behind the actions that led to power and control over others) were at the center of wrong conclusions.  Human beings by nature were selfish.  His two classics, Animal Farm and 1984 demonstrated in story format the dangers of any government becoming the deciders of what is moral right.  (Government should reflect a moral people.  It is incapable of creating a moral people.) 

Why a story format?  A story that is told well creates a movie in the mind.  This helps give clarity and understanding to abstract concepts.  I truly believe this is why Jesus told stories in much of His teaching.  It is probably why illustrations are so often used in sermons.  Finally, all of this is further demonstrated by the fact that movies and TV shows are addictive both as emotional experiences and stress escape.  There is strong indication that our current culture thrives on stories and arrives at conclusions through them.

I started writing short stories and books (including novels) when I was in the sixth grade.  Writing has always fascinated me.  I had a great English teacher in High School that encouraged me to never give up and challenged me in many ways to keep writing.  I had two godly parents that helped my writing stay focused on what really mattered in a world of competing ideas.  My early books that were published were centered in practical teaching and believer development.  They were not in story form, but they used stories as examples.  I wanted fellow Christians to be able to live and share their relationship with Christ.
So why the novel, Terminal Option?  More and more God’s people are faced with life altering decisions.  We are often influenced by the same forces that affect those who do not know God.  Abortion has become the new holocaust.  Although terrifying and tragic, killing Jewish people in Europe during World War II was not the real danger.  The real danger were the years before when thinking changed in the German people that allowed them to justify killing Jewish people.  As horrible and sickening as abortion is, it is the change in thinking in our country that is the real danger.  Abortion becomes the door that opens to other possibilities that are often unimageable and thought impossible.  Francis Schaffer, a brilliant believer and thinker of the last century stated in his mind challenging book, How Should We Then Live? the following: “If there are no absolutes by which to judge society, then society is absolute.”  The clear evidence of humanity’s need for God is overwhelming.  People don’t just need to know Christ so they can spend eternity with God (although that is so very important), they need to know Christ because that is the only way a society will not destroy itself.  Believers have a moral responsibility to be the salt of the earth, not just the seasoning for eternity.
I wrote Terminal Option to help us understand what is happening and where we are headed as a people.  I believe Jesus could truly come at any time, but until He does, we must live in the world we allow around us.  Some things are beyond our control, but we must be godly in the things we can control.  Again, Francis Schaffer stated that one of the most powerful ways to teach is get the person you are instructing to see the logical terrifying conclusion of what he is thinking.  He further commented that few people can live with those conclusions.  In the forward to the book, Terminal Option, Paul deParrie, a pro-life activist writes these words,
“…Completely apart from direct Divine intervention, there are consequences to our acts – both as individuals and as a society.  One of modern man’s problems is that he fails to recognize this and, thus, does not extrapolate into the future considering his future actions – and take heed.”
God has a purpose for everything He allows.  Terminal Option was first published in the 1990’s and was used by pro-life groups across the country.  Eventually it went out of print.  Because of the horrid developments in the changing world of moral ethics, the publishers concluded that the book needed to be republished.  It is now available in book stores, Amazon, and other websites.  Pray that God will use it in powerful ways to change thinking and open people’s hearts to their need for God!