A Small Church Conference in Nephi, UT April 27!
by Tim Hewitt
Barnabas Enrichment Ministries is pleased to offer our Small Church Enrichment Conference in Nephi, UT this April 27.   The event will be held at First Baptist Church in Nephi.

Our theme this year is "The Joy of Small Church Ministry."  All are invited to attend with an emphasis on people from the congregation as well as leadership.   There will be sessions for children as well as teens.

There is no charge for this event.

Click HERE to register.

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Biblical Relationships Conference
by John Rogers
John Rogers has made the audio of his Biblical Relationships Conference available to us. Select the links below to listen to John's teaching on this important subject.  The first 12 minutes of Session 1 explains the ministry of BEM.   

Session 1  –  BEM Introduction and Biblical Relationships

Session 2  –  The First Relationships

Session 3  –  The Desire to Experience

Session 4  –  Search for Self-Worth 

Session 5  –  Need for Security

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