BEM Ministry Schedule

Event:  Milan Baptist Church, Milan MI (Hewitt)
Date:  Mon, January 01, 2024 - Wed, December 31, 2025
Tim continues to teach a SS class as well as serve as Deacon.   He occasionally fills the pulpit when the pastor is unavailable.   Sandy is involved with discipling and leads the hospitality committee.   Tim & Sandy co-chair the Missions Committee at MBC.

Event:  Milan Baptist Church , Milan MI (Hewitt)
Date:  Sun, August 04, 2024 - Sun, August 25, 2024
Time:  11:00 AM
Place:  Milan, MI
Details:  Tim will be preaching the AM Worship Service

Event:  BEM Small Church Enrichment Conference, Kokomo IN (BEM Staff)
Date:  Sat, November 02, 2024
Place:  Grace Baptist Church, Kokomo IN
BEM invites you once again to attend our Midwest Small Church Enrichment Conference at Grace Baptist Church in Kokomo, Indiana! This will be the fourth of these conferences held at this location. This conference will be an encouragement to pastors and lay leaders of small churches, provide an opportunity for fellowship, and help build a network of like minded friends for encouragement and support.

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