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A Small Church Conference in Utah April 29th, 30th
by Tim Hewitt
A Church is God’s Church
No Matter How Small
By Sandy Hewitt
There once was a church in a small little town,
And there weren’t tons of people when Sunday came round.
By dozens, not hundreds, they would come through the doors.
And for every young family, the gray hairs were more.
They all came and worshiped, they loved the Lord dearly.
And God’s Bible, His Word, was preached boldly and clearly.
They shared all the ups and the downs folks go through.
They loved their dear pastor and each other too!
Then, “WHY,” some would say, often asking the question,
Why weren’t they big, had they missed God’s direction?
Their numbers weren’t thousands, not even a hundred.
Were they wrong in their doings, had they seriously blundered?
The Pastor would ponder and question himself.
“Was it time,” he would think, “to be put on the shelf?”
He’d doubt and he’d worry, they just weren’t competing.”
They were not like the big church, with all of its’ seating.”
There were classes he took on how to grow big.
And he tried many things, short of dancing a jig.
There were programs, events, to draw a big crowd.
They even changed music, to make worship more loud.
The church seemed so small, and felt somewhat ignored,
Maybe even invisible to folks wanting more.
But there just wasn’t more, their small church could provide.
Perhaps a new playground, with a circling slide?
Then, “NO”, pastor said to his church Sunday morning!
“I’m weary of acting, like we all are in mourning!”
“Our church isn’t dead, we are spreading God’s Word.”
“We’re loving and giving and serving our Lord!”
And he got even louder, he spoke very free,
“Maybe God’s plan, we are failing to see!”
“Indeed, we are meeting the needs of a few,
Providing close contact, more personal too!”
“I finally see that the goal to achieve,
Is spiritual health, to stand strong in beliefs.”
“We need to be open to change, that is all.”
“We need to be willing to follow God’s call.”
”Perhaps we won’t grow, whatever God’s will.”
“Regardless, our church, many needs it can fill.”
Let’s love those around us, let us all do our part.”
“To win them to Jesus, and watch God Change their hearts”
Then he said, “Let’s not fret, about numbers each week.”
 “Instead, let’s Encourage, with the words that we speak!”
“I believe that to God, size doesn’t matter at all!”
“Because, a Church is God’s church, no matter how small!”